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Through a mobile-first sampling technology, TapResearch offers a large-scale, proprietary global audience network that reaches 20M everyday consumers (not professional panelists) across 25 major markets.

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Mobile Sampling Technology

Mobile-first sampling delivers global respondents

  • Advanced Targeting and Screening
  • Accurate Feasibility Estimates
  • Active and Passive Quality Management
  • Programmatic API Interfaces
  • Mobile Device ID Targeting
  • Localized for 25 Countries

High-quality sample

TapResearch rewards users in the virtual currency of their game or app. By rewarding in a timely and virtual manner, there is less incentive for the programmatic fraud that plagues much of the research industry. In addition, we employ industry best practices like VPN / Proxy detection, device fingerprinting, redirect hashing and other behavioral analysis.

Lower cost

Our real-time, mobile approach allows us to deliver high-quality sample at lower costs compared to traditional panels. Traditional panels have to pay to acquire their users, creating an incentive to quickly recoup their acquisition costs and driving prices up. In our network there are zero panel acquisition costs. By not having to pay to acquire new users, we can provide much better prices than traditional panels.

Advanced Targeting

TapResearch reaches users through mobile apps and games — people just like you who use their phones and tablets every day (not professional panelists). This network has been used to build an audience representing all ages, ethnicities, locales, education and income levels. Select your audience using over 66 targeting data points including age, gender, income, marital status, hobbies and interests, etc.

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TapResearch powers research for the world’s largest brands and research companies.

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