Publisher FAQ

What are Rewarded Surveys?

Rewarded Surveys are consumer surveys that users complete in exchange for in-app rewards or virtual currency.

The surveys are created by researchers who need to answer questions from target audiences. Researchers traditionally relied on phone and email to reach people, however those channels are becoming less effective as the world changes.

As people spend more and more time on mobile devices and in mobile apps, these are quickly becoming the preferred way for researchers to reach their target audiences.

For users, Rewarded Surveys offer a compelling way to earn in-app rewards, enhancing their in-app experience.

For publishers, Rewarded Surveys provide a high yield 3rd party monetization offering that doesn’t promote competitors apps, require sign up or registration, payments, or ads.

What differentiates TapResearch as the best provider of Rewarded Surveys?

In 2013, after prior ventures building mobile games and consumer internet businesses, the TapResearch founders created the category of Rewarded Surveys in order to make consumer insights and mobile monetization better.

For 6 years, the TapResearch team has been focused on building the best Rewarded Surveys product. One that delivers the highest yield and best user experience for publishers and their users.

We work successfully with numerous top tier publishers and are happy to provide references and case studies.

Highest Fill

TapResearch has developed a long roster of research clients who depend on our network to deliver high quality, completed surveys for them every day, giving us the best and largest proprietary survey inventory. At any given time, we have roughly 150,000 survey projects active in our system, representing over $200M in global survey revenue.

Guaranteed Payout

TapResearch was the first to create and patent a payout schema we named "Guaranteed Payout". This reward structure pays every user in proportion to their time spent answering questions. Our patented system, called Guaranteed Payout, pays every user in proportion to their time spent answering questions. Many surveys are looking for very specific audiences and may disqualify users based on their answers to particular questions. TapResearch uses the reward interaction with our users as an opportunity to build community and show we appreciate their time.

Survey Experience

TapResearch maintains a constant engineering and operational effort to map data between all of our different research customers and surveys. Our internal qualification mapping resources are significant and no other provider is working harder to continuously improve the user experience.

Yield Management

Matching millions of users based on their profiles, in real-time, to 150,000 dynamically updating survey projects is a complex, highly technical challenge. We are constantly refining our survey ranking and scoring algorithms, ensuring our publishers make the most money per impression. Our technology mediates the highest yield survey demand so that publishers are free to focus on their business.

Respondent Support

TapResearch values user support and has developed an automated product suite which allows our users to, in most cases, instantly resolve their issues. In addition, we employ a dedicated Respondent Support team who review all cases and ensure any issues are escalated and resolved appropriately.

Global Coverage

In order to support the needs of our research clients and the global user bases of our publishers, TapResearch is currently localized for 23 countries and more are coming soon. In our major markets, including North America, Western Europe, Australia, China, India and Brazil, there is a significant opportunity.

User Experience

  1. What topics do the surveys cover?

    The surveys themselves are as diverse as the customers running them, with topics ranging from ridesharing and streaming services, to soft drinks and insurance. TapResearch does not allow surveys with explicit content.

  2. How long are the surveys?

    They range in length from a single question to 10 minutes or more. Longer surveys generally pay more. We display the reward and length on each survey, so users can select the survey that makes sense for them.

  3. How are users matched to surveys?

    The first time a user enters our survey experience, they answer our profiler survey which we then use to direct the survey taker to surveys that are interesting to them. Over time, users will answer additional profiling questions so the experience gets more streamlined over time.

  4. Why are the length and reward amounts shown as a range?

    Because we pay every user for their time, and some surveys disqualify users based on their particular requirements, some surveys end early. In those cases, we pay the user a value commensurate to the time spent answering questions.

  5. Does TapResearch provide support for users who have issues?

    Yes! We have a dedicated support team and user support page within our survey experience. In cases where it appears there was an issue with the user successfully receiving their reward, they will be instantly credited by our automated respondent support system.


  1. How much revenue can I make from Rewarded Surveys?

    There are a few factors that we find most influence how successful Rewarded Surveys are in a particular app. These include:

    1. The strength of the economy. If users are highly motivated to buy or earn rewards in your app, then they will be successful with surveys.

    2. Driving relatively high opt-in. Identifying the optimal moments where users want to earn currency will influence how many users are seeing the survey entry point and engaging.

    3. Age and geographic distribution. The more users who are 18+ and located in the countries where we have strong fill, the better the results will be.

  2. Will this cannibalize my other ad, offerwall, rewarded video or iAP revenue?

    Our experience is that more opt-in choices yield net increases in retention and ARPDAU. We find that there are certain users who prefer surveys and seek them out. So, while some clicks may move from an offerwall to TapResearch, we find that there is a significant overall increase in revenue after Rewarded Surveys are introduced in a direct placement.

  3. Which countries does TapResearch operate in?

    • Americas: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

    • Europe: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Poland, Netherlands

    • Asia: China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Philippines

    • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

    • Africa: South Africa

  4. How is eCPM calculated for surveys?

    eCPM is calculated by $ earned / # surveywall impressions * 1000. So, for example, if you earned 100 dollars from 1,000 impressions, that would be (100/1000)*1000 = $100 eCPM.

Integration Best Practices

  1. How does the technical integration work?

    TapResearch provides SDKs for all major platforms including iOS, Android and Unity. Detailed integration guides for iOS, Android, Unity, React Native, JS and Adobe Air can be found at:

  2. How big are the SDKs?

    The Android SDK averages 125kb at 1k methods. The iOS SDK averages 160kb when fully compressed.

  3. What’s the best places to integrate Rewarded Surveys in my app? Can you share examples?

    The best place to integrated Rewarded Surveys is when users will want to earn currency, so typically as an alternative to paying for iAPs. We are happy to provide examples of successful placements and designs.

  4. What are some apps where TapResearch is already integrated?

    Here are a couple links to videos of the TapResearch experience in apps:

App User Data & Insights

  1. In addition to monetization, can TapResearch help me understand my users better?

    Yes. We make your users demographic data available to you via our Audience API. You can also create surveys and target them to your users, giving you a free way to better understand your users' preferences and feedback.

  2. What demographic data does TapResearch collect?

    The demographic data we collect includes age, gender, zip code, ethnicity, parental status, age/gender of children, education level, employment status and household income.

Data Privacy & Security

  1. Are you GDPR compliant?

    Yes. We always receive informed consent from users in the EU, and manage their data and requests for deletion according to regulatory requirements.

    Privacy and data security are extremely high priorities. We are compliant with all relevant regulations in all jurisdictions in which we operate.

  2. Are you COPPA compliant?

    Yes. We do not allow children under 16 years old to use our service.

  3. Does TapResearch provide tools for blacklisting particular survey topics or categories or brands?

    We proactively manage our active pool of surveys by removing any content that includes any sensitive or explicit content. In addition, we ask for a separate opt-in consent from users before showing surveys in certain categories.

    Unlike with ads, research methodology dictates that respondents should not know who is running a survey because that can bias results. Research is trying to understand consumer opinions or sentiment, not influence consumers. As part of our commitment to research industry best practices and ethical standards, we comply with all Insights Association and Esomar guidelines.

We look forward to hearing from you!